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Mod APKs are free-to-download modified Play Store apps that give you access to the premium features in a range of games and apps. Here at VadeTech, we’ve compiled a collection of thousands of the most popular games and apps and provided you with a download link to the mod apk file, with a choice of different versions.

Whether you like city-builders and strategy games, music apps and photo-editing apps, or are looking to customise your Android mobile, you’ll find the downloads you’ll need (as well as instructions, guides and more) right here on VadeTech.

Huge Modded APK Database!

Here at VadeTech, we’ve spent a long time putting together this database of downloadable modded apk files for your phone. Each file is reliable, and updated to feature the newest versions when they come available. There are offline and online games, apps that speed up your mobile phone, and a whole range of the top games on the Store.

Some of the features you can expect to find inside a modded apk game is unlimited gold, and unlimited premium currency. This means you don’t have to spend a penny on microtransactions! For trickier games, you can use a modded file to bypass certain difficult levels so you can still earn the rewards.

Use our categorised search function to look for the games and apps you recognise from the Play Store, or browse the VadeTech website to find something new to explore! Everything is free to download, totally secure, and easy to install on your mobile phone. Once you’ve tried the world of modded apks, you’ll never go back!