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American Dad! Apocalypse Soon 1.27.0 APK

Download American Dad Apocalypse Soon APK and start your journey to fight against the alien invasion. This game will become your favorite under the role-playing games category.


Additional Information of American Dad! Apocalypse Soon APK

Name: American Dad! Apocalypse Soon
Version: 1.27.0
Size: 172.68 MB
Latest update: 05/20/2020
Offered by: B.V.
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 5.0

A Crisp Analysis of American Dad! Apocalypse Soon

If you’re into alien games, you might want to download American Dad Apocalypse Soon for Android. It’s based on an alien invasion, and your journey to fight against them and save humanity.


All the graphics are cartoonish, just like a classic American cartoon show. With everything designed in 2D, you’ll love playing with such beautiful and quite funny visuals.

It’s perfectly fine to run this game on a low-end phone, but if there are any overheating issues, try taking breaks after a while. Also, make sure to give your hardware some rest.

Alien based role-playing gameplay

Langley Falls has been invaded by aliens just like every other Hollywood movie. Their aim is to destroy humanity on Earth.

They have held Stan’s family hostage to begin their evil mission. But remember, they are just some stupid creatures who cannot stand humans.


Now, it’s your duty as a hero of this game to rescue the hostages, and save humanity. You get to do tons of stuff in this game. Do whatever you want to take down the alien enemies.

More Stuff to Spice-up the game

Here is something more, you can do to defeat the unnatural enemies:

  • Build Stan’s underground base (It’s actually your base).
  • Gather an army of Roger clones.
  • Turn Smith basement into your underground shelter. It’ll help you in hiding out when needed.

  • You’ll be printing money, spend golden turds, and produce valuable stuff, which you’ll need to accomplish your goal.
  • There are tons of weapons from baseball bats to electric machine guns. Use whatever it takes to destroy your enemy.

Remember, there is still a lot more to do in this game!

Beautiful 2D Graphics and High-Resolution Visuals

Do not expect the game to be boring just because it has 2D graphics. This game can’t get any better. All the visuals are perfectly entertaining.

The color tone is somewhat bright and quite prickly to the eyes. You must ensure giving them proper rest. Throughout the gameplay, you’ll notice classic 2D drawings, just like any 90’s cartoon.


When it comes to animations, they are below average. All the movements are designed in low frame rates, resulting in the rough and swift movement of all the stuff.


If you’re looking for something cool and exciting, then American Dad Apocalypse Soon APK latest version is worth trying. One of the most engaging alien-based game. Download now!

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