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Arknights 7.0.01 Mod APK (No Card Cost)

Download Arknights Mod APK to protect the world from infectious disease. Take advantage of the Mod features with instant kill and more.


Additional Information of Arknights Mod APK

Name: Arknights
Version: 7.0.01
Size: 91.95 MB
Latest update: 05/29/2020
Offered by: Yostar Limited.
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.1
MOD: No Card Cost

A Relevant Game in the Time of Pandemic

Arknights is a role-playing game utilizing the tower defense genre. Test your strategy skills as you deploy the right heroes to defend your base. A lot of exciting missions and side events are in store for you in this latest mobile experience. It offers the perfect mix of the kawaii culture with intense battles. You will be fighting not only against a physical enemy but also with a deadly infection.


This game couldn’t get more relevant and timely with the pandemic the world currently faces. We may feel powerless as we stay at home but we can let the frustration out in this game. You may not have the capability to end the pandemic in the real world but here, you can make a difference. You will play a vital role as a member of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company out to end the infections. It will be your responsibility to gather Operators to help protect the citizens in various missions while stopping the resistance.

You will be guided by your team leader, Amiya. Being part of the elite research facility for infectious diseases, your team will find yourselves at the center of action. You will need to tread dangerous areas in order to handle the issues with the infected. Stick to flow of the story to gain access to resources. Make sure to employ the right combination of Operators so you can nail down both offense and defense.


  • Action-packed RPG coupled with alluring anime graphics
  • Hundreds of Operators to choose from to help in various missions

  • Auto deploy feature to help you multitask
  • Create your own home in the midst of chaos using the base construction system

A Display of Stunning Anime Graphics

Arknights gives you the right dose of intense gameplay with cute charms of anime type of setting. It boasts of high-definition graphics with its game environment and heroes. Aside from the main purpose to save the world, it will be hard to resist not to obsess with the upgrades. Customizing your base can be a delightful task with cute items from a wide range of selection.


Apart from the graphics, the soundtrack and voiceovers add fun to the whole experience. The characters are dubbed over famous Japanese voice actors and actresses.

Arknights Mod APK Free Latest Version

Experience how it is to be a medical frontliner the anime way with this revolutionary game. Enjoy unlimited money to access all features with an Arknights Mod APK free download. Team up with the Operators of Rhodes Island and find the cure to the fatal infection.

Mod Features:

  • Menu mod
  • Damage multiple
  • Defense multiple
  • No card cost

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