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Ball Sort Puzzle 8.0.0 Mod APK

Download Ball Sort Puzzle MOD APK latest version and sort balls based on their colours. This relaxing game has simple graphics and superb sound systems for your enjoyment.


Additional Information of Ball Sort Puzzle Mod APK

Name: Ball Sort Puzzle
Version: 8.0.0
Size: 51.87 MB
Latest update: 06/06/2020
Offered by: IEC Global Pty Ltd
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.4

An In-Depth Analysis of Ball Sort Puzzle

This is a casual game developed by IEC Global Pty Ltd. It challenges you to solve various puzzles that’ll help you to sort coloured balls. Your primary goal will be to ensure that you play with the balls until you achieve uniformly-coloured balls in the same tube.


While this may sound simple, it requires high judgment ability and exceptional agility. However, you can be sure that the game offers an excellent relaxing opportunity for all gamers!

If you wish to have a calming ball matching exercise at the comfort of your couch, you should download Ball Sort Puzzle for Android. This pocket version guarantees excellent features and easy controls for optimal fun.

How to Play Ball Sort Puzzle – Relaxed Gameplay

This game offers a perfect opportunity to exercise your brain! You’ll have the power to control the activities of the game, thus ensuring a free-flowing gaming exercise.


To complete the gameplay, you must follow the following simple steps:

  • Download the Game. The initial yet most crucial gaming activity involves installing the gameplay in your Android device. Ensure that you download the game from reliable sources, install it, and launch it to access the user interface.
  • Once you select “PLAY” option, you’ll see several tubes with differently-coloured balls. Your role will be to move the balls until you achieve a tube with uniformly-coloured ones.
  • To move the balls, you should tap any tube (where you want to move the ball to) to move the ball on top of a different tube.

However, moving the balls will not be that easy! You’ll only succeed in it if you move a ball on top of another similar ball (of similar colour). Also, the tube you want to move the ball to must have adequate space.


If you’re stuck on any level, you shouldn’t worry! You can always re-start the level for a fresh gaming experience. Every start-over will be characterized by a wealth of experience which will undoubtedly improve your gameplay.

Unique Features of Ball Sort Puzzle

  • Superb Graphics. This game has superior pixel graphics and exceptional sound systems. This way, you’ll never get bored when engaging in the casual game.

  • Easy Controls. The game allows one-finger controls, which is ideal for a relaxing environment.
  • No Time Limits. Ball Sort Puzzle has no time limits neither penalties. Play at your pace!

Ball Sort Puzzle Mod Apk Free Download

This modded version of the game offers superior features for heightened fun. You’ll enjoy unlimited money to enable you to unlock sophisticated features without a hassle.

Even better, this game does not have a single advert! As such, you can be sure that you’ll have uninterrupted gaming sessions.


If you want a casual game with fun-filled challenges, then Ball Sort Puzzle is ideal for you. Get it today and enjoy its phenomenal gameplay, super cool graphics, and easy controls.

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