App Information
Basketball Stars
Category Game
Version 1.26.0
File Size 57M
Os 4.1
Updated 02-01-2020
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Basketball Stars is a game every basketball fan needs to play. Miniclip does an amazing job bringing the world-famous game on mobile. The 1v1 multiplayer game is full of exciting challenges, and its fun and fast-paced gameplay truly succeeds in captivating the player.

The game allows you to show off your skills with the ball and your objective is simple, craft-fully dodge and evade your opponent and shoot at the basket. If you’re opponent has the ball then you have steal it from him. Players can perform a variety of actions such as dribbling, stealing, blocking and juking to full-fill these objectives. All of this is happening on real-time and the entire gameplay seems very polished.

Basketball Stars also has a very beautiful art-style and great graphics. Your characters look detailed and real. The ability to customize them with more than 400 items placed on the game’s shop is a delight. Miniclip also makes sure that players are rewarded for playing and gives out hundreds of unique items to high-level players as well. Competing online against your friends and finding out who has the higher rank is also a wholesome experience.