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Bleach: Immortal Soul 1.8.81 APK

A stunning game calling for you to build a squad of soul reapers. Does this sound interesting? Download Bleach Immortal Soul Apk, and you will enjoy your time.


Additional Information of Bleach: Immortal Soul APK

Name: Bleach: Immortal Soul
Version: 1.8.81
Size: 1,016.85 MB
Latest update: 05/27/2020
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.4

Bleach Immortal Soul Apk Review

Here is the most modern game for this century. Enjoy the game up on offer featuring a poplar storyline of the Anime Bleach. It is a battle game where your reflexes determine the results of the battle. Continuous play helps you unlock more characters, and you get unlimited upgrading options.


The stunning anime combat makes the game beautiful and addictive to players. Besides, the game helps cure curiosity in the mind of lots of gamers awaiting its release as it’s packed with more action. Diversity in every battle is a reality as every war becomes more real and exciting to undertake.


The player is primality tasked to build a team of clever soul reapers, and making squads. Besides, they have to protect a town and encounter a more extensive collection of characters such as Uryu, Gin, Renji, and other characters. The game is free to download, but you have to be patient and build your squad and unlock more levels and characters.

Also, the game offers multiple playing modes, among others spoiling players with a rich selection. Originating from Japan, it has been licensed by TV Tokyo, giving players more confidence in taking the battle challenges ahead.


Global players face a brutal battle in bleach. The immortal soul help gamers earn Bankai shots to get better visual effects. Cutthroat competition is at its best in the game as combat gets more difficult as you rise in levels. Besides, gamers have to come up with a precise balance, and a stunning best hands approach in the storyline.

Download Bleach Immortal Soul Apk Latest Version

You can now take your battles with ease as you have unlocked everything with a new version. Besides, gamers have unlimited selection options of players and making strategic attack plans. Here you get every aspect of the APK game optimized for all android devices for better performance.



Bleach Immortal Soul Apk Free Download is game like no other as there are zero dull moments in the game. You can choose to play to its entirety from anywhere in the world with zero restrictions in the version. Get ready for endless combat and an exciting role in the game and make your 2020 eventful. It is the best combat series with challenging episodes for you to explore and enjoy.

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