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Bomber Friends 4.38 Mod APK

Download Bomber Friends APK Multiplayer and engage in one of the most thrilling multiplayer games ever! You’ll be required to bomb your friends and be the last man standing!

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Additional Information of Bomber Friends Mod APK

Name: Bomber Friends
Version: 4.38
Size: 111.72 MB
Latest update: 05/07/2020
Offered by: Hyperkani
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.1

Crucial Details about Bomber Friends

If you love gaming, then you must have encountered the Bomberman game. Well, Bomber Friends is an improvement of the Bomberman. It has better graphics and thrilling gameplay that’ll always keep you on your toes.
The game requires a high level of thinking and logic to succeed in your missions. You’ll take control of your character and walk through a maze full of blasts that can quickly kill you!
As such, you must ensure that all your friends are bombed and that you remain the last man standing.


Interestingly, dead bombers have the potential to haunt the living players, thus making their gameplay more sophisticated.
Download Bomber Friends Android or Bomber Friends IOS and test your skills to navigate a complicated maze.

An Interesting Gameplay

Bomber Friends has exhilarating gameplay that calls for logic and accurate judgment. The game has a series of levels that you must navigate successfully to be declared the champion.
However, every level is characterized by difficulties—you must solve them exhaustively to earn points and progress to the next level.
The game has a maze. During each level, you’re obliged to find a suitable path that’ll lead to the exit. During the movement, you must be careful not to be blasted, which would force you to restart that level.
Whichever path you choose, you’ll have to encounter obstacles. However, you’ll easily use your explosives to bomb them apart, thus clearing your way towards the exit.


While this appears simple, it can be pretty complicated. Here’s why:
In every level, you must get the key to unlock the exit door! In most cases, this golden key will be surrounded by obstacles. You must overcome all of them before accessing the key!
Additionally, your opponents will be busy blocking your way! As such, you must be agile enough to outsmart them and get to the exit fast. Also, you must be keen not to exhaust your explosives which may lead to frustrations and eventual defeat.

Amazing Features of Bomber Friends

  • Power-Ups. In each level, you’ll have power-ups which will ease your navigation through the maze. They may include extra bombs, bomb damage boosts, and new lives.
  • Multiple Rewards. At the end of each gaming level, you’ll have the liberty to select the ideal rewards that’ll help you circumnavigate challenges associated with higher gaming levels.
  • Easy Upgrades. In Bomber Friends, you can upgrade your stats and gain access to more sophisticated explosives which makes the game more interesting
  • Many Customization Options. This game allows you to change the appearance of your character to suit your desires
  • Fullscreen Mode Available. If you want to concentrate on the gameplay fully, you can switch your device to full screen which will eliminate all distractions
  • Online Multiplayer Feature. The game allows you to participate in a competition against 2-7 other players. You can either invite your friends or play against random players from all over the world
  • Evil Curses. You must watch out for evil curses sent by dead bombers

Unique Game Modes

Bomber Friends game has three distinct game modes:

  • Campaign Mode. This mode has more than 300 levels and six different worlds characterized by monsters
  • Normal. This is the most popular model since it allows players to play against various monsters. You must be creative enough to outsmart them, blast them, and remain the last man standing in the game. This requires logic and high reasoning ability as you must find sensible routes to use to avoid the tricks and traps of the opponents
  • Robot Quest. In this mode, you’ll be required to play against robots. This game requires high skills since the robots have high technical knowhow. When you join this game, you must think before you make any move lest you find yourself in an irredeemably awkward position
  • US Presidential Challenge. In this game mode, you’ll be required to challenge US presidential candidates. Ensure that you find your way out of the maze and become the champion of this mode.

It doesn’t matter which game mode you select; you must be careful when making every move. This will help you to circumvent the numerous challenges that each level presents!

Proven Tips to Win the Game

Bomber Friends is a rather hectic game requires high-level tenacity to overcome your opponents. The gameplay exposes you to multiple challenges that you must solve to reach the exit of each level.
As such, you must be patient if you want to win this game. Avoid making rushed and uncalculated decisions that may give you’re a leeway to blast you.


You must find the most convenient paths to access the key to the exit. If possible, choose a way that has fewer obstacles, thus ensuring that you don’t exhaust your bombs.
Additionally, the game you must collect as many power-ups as you can to blast your friends across the map. When you get blasted, you can get power-ups to gain more lives and continue with the gameplay.

Simple Character Controls

This game has simple controls to ensure that both amateurs and experienced gamers enjoy the gameplay entirely.
If using Bomber Friends for PC, you’ll use the keyboard arrows to move, A key to plant a bomb, and B to taunt.
When using the Bomber Friends for Android, you’ll achieve these commands by simple taps and swaps on your screen.

Topnotch Graphics

Bomber Friends has high-quality graphics which enhances the clarity of every move that you make. Even better, it integrates immersive sound effects that’ll keep you amused throughout the gameplay.


Price: Bomber Friends game free download full version is available at various game stores

Bottom Line

Download game Bomber Friends new version and enjoy hectic yet engaging gameplay. You’ll be required to find your way out of a complicated maze full of explosives and malicious enemies.
Find the key to each level which will help you unlock better features and earn points. The higher the scale, the more complicated the challenge!

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