App Information
Bomber Friends
Author Hyperkani
Category Game
Version 3.66
File Size 69M
Os 4.1
Updated 02-01-2020
Some screenshots

Bomber Friends is an interesting take mobile action game genre and provides a good way to test for your cognitive abilities. As the name of the game suggests, the objective is simple bomb your opponents and be the last one standing. It isn’t that simple though; you have to critically think about how you’re going to go about it.

You start the game with either 1 to three other players and have strategically move through the maze by blowing up different areas and collecting power-ups. Moving across the battlefield you are constantly on your toes high alert wondering how to one-up your rival. The game has a funny twist to it as well, if you die, you can choose a player and your ghost will haunt them until the game finishes. This mechanic is a very innovative and fun way to keep players engaged even after they die.

Bomber Friends also has plethora of levels to choose from and as you bomb yourself through different stages you can collect coins to customize your character. This a nice feature to have considering how reliant the game is on multiplayer. Collecting dozens of coins to customize your character and standout among your friends is truly worth it.