Cut the Rope 2

Size: 88M
Release Date: 6/24/2022, 7:34:26 AM

From preschool kids to adults, everyone loved Cut the Rope! Now, it's back and better with Cut the Rope 2!

Cut the Rope 2 takes players on adventures with the adorable Om Nom, a green creature that loves candies. If you like to satisfy your sweet tooth, too, this fun adventure game features over 160 levels for players to explore.

The main gameplay of the Cut the Rope 2 game is the physics-based puzzles that help you advance in the game. As you complete puzzles, you can move to the next round and engage your mind at the same time.

Playing Cut the Rope 2


Cut the Rope 2 has even better features than its predecessors, starting with the 168 levels for exciting fun. The puzzle adventure game boosts your brain power and keeps you engaged with its fun gameplay. One of the notable changes is the addition of the Nommies that offer different benefits to help Om Nom finish levels. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • You can move Om Nom around the screen.
  • From lifting Om Nom and finding the best candy locations to throwing objects and removing obstacles, the Nommies offer features that you should take advantage of.
  • You can customize Om Nom as much as you want.
  • The missions are tricky and physics-based.

With your mind and help from the Nommies, you can enjoy an exciting time with the Cut the Rope 2 game.

Getting Started with Cut the Rope 2

  • Click on Play Game.
  • Start the first level and solve puzzles.

Who Developed Cut the Rope 2?

Cut the Rope 2 was developed by ZeptoLab. It is part of the popular Cut the Rope franchise, which is based on the adventures of Om Nom, and the fictional character has become very popular among players.