Fruit Ninja

Size: 88M
Release Date: 6/22/2022, 9:44:53 AM

Fruit Ninja is a great way to start if you're looking for an addictive game that keeps you glued to your mobile device.

Fruit Ninja is an arcade video game developed for mobile devices. The game became so popular that there are different versions of gaming consoles. It was also well-received by players, with millions of downloads.

Fruit Ninja is popular because of its addictive gameplay, unique theme, and the low cost of the game. It is a single-player game that simply involves slashing fruits like a ninja.

Playing Fruit Ninja

In Fruit Ninja, players swipe against the screen to control the blade and slice fruits. The fruits are continually thrown onto the screen, and the player has to swipe their finger across to cut them. The game ends once the time is up, and your score depends on how many fruits you slashed. Here are some points to keep in mind:


  • Extra points are rewarded for slicing multiple fruits at once.
  • If you lose three cumulative fruits, the game ends.
  • A bomb can be thrown onto the screen, and players lose if they slice it.
  • In Zen Mode, you can play without the bomb for 90 seconds.
  • In Arcade Mode, the bomb will only reduce your score but won't end the game.
  • In Classic Mode, the player can continue slicing fruits, and they have three lives.

The Fruit Ninja game is available on your mobile devices. Aside from the normal gameplay, you can win prizes with the daily challenges or rank high on the leaderboard.

Getting Started with Fruit Ninja

  • Download Fruit Ninja on your Android or iOS device.
  • Start the game and keep on beating your high score.

Who Developed Fruit Ninja?

Fruit Ninja was developed by Half Brick studios, a popular developer known for games like Fruit Ninja, Fruit Ninja 2, Jetpack, Monster Dash, and Joyride.