App Information
Grand Theft Auto V
Author Rockstar Games
Category Game
Version 1.09
File Size 7.3M
Os 7.0
Updated 28-12-2019
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The best action-adventure game produced by Rockstar Games, in the year 2013. The game has a huge fan following with millions of dollars. The game also holds many tournaments and battles each year, where players from all over the world participate and compete to become the world champions. Also millions of people from all over the world play GTA 5 online with one another.


GTA 5 has quite the same gameplay compared to the previous parts, like GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas, with different characters and storyline. You can drive around, buy casinos, houses, and mansions, fly helicopters, or even date or dance.

You can even compete in different races, and win to earn more money. Moreover, if you commit any crime, you will be busted by the cops. They may charge you a lot of fines.

Online Gaming

If you have completed all the missions but still loves to play the game, then online gaming is for you. You can team up with random people or one of your friends and do whatever you want. This can be fun for a while but you may even get bored of it.