Size: 88M
Release Date: 6/22/2022, 8:46:04 AM

Granny is a survival horror mobile game as a sequel to the Slendrina games. The blood-curling horror game has an arcade design and follows the story of an unnamed character locked in a grandmother's house.

It is based on the concept that nothing compares to a grandmother's love, so Granny keeps you locked in her house to stop you from breaking free. But this isn't your average grandmother. Instead, Granny has a creepy and spine-chilling design that will keep you on your toes.

Playing Granny

Granny involves an unnamed player trapped in a house who has to figure out puzzles to escape. The player must avoid Granny and leave the house within five and six days. If Granny catches the player, they are sent back to the title screen to start again. Here are some points to keep in mind:


  • Players have five days to run away while using different items.
  • You can escape by removing front door locks or fixing the car.
  • There are traps around the house to stop your progress.
  • The player can knock Granny unconscious or blind her temporarily to escape.

Granny has received positive reviews and is especially loved for its tense gameplay and atmosphere. It can be played on desktop, Android, and iOS devices.

Getting Started with Granny

  • Download the game on your Android or iOS device.
  • You can also play Granny instantly in your browser.
  • Start playing immediately.

Who Developed Granny?

Granny was developed and published by DVloper, a Swedish-based game company that makes horror games. The company is well-known for the Slendrina series.