Happy Glass

Size: 88M
Release Date: 6/22/2022, 10:03:29 AM

Happy Glass is a fun, single-player puzzle based on physics! If you enjoy puzzles, physics, or both, this is a fantastic choice for you.

The addictive puzzle game is all about an empty glass that is sad. To make it happy again, you need to figure out how to get the water into the glass. And you do this by drawing lines that lead to the glass.

In this game, you have to think about how to get water to the glass by drawing as few lines as possible. The less you draw, the higher you score. As you go into the higher levels, you're met with more challenges and must still figure out how to keep the glass happy.


Playing Happy Glass

Happy Glass requires you to employ your logical and creative skills in drawing lines that lead to the glass. You need to take on their challenging elements at higher levels too. The game rewards you based on how many lines you draw. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • There is a limited amount of water, so you need enough water in the glass to complete the level.
  • If the water isn't enough, the glass will remain sad.
  • Draw lines to create a path from the water to the glass, and they must be supported to stay in place.
  • There's a limit to how many lines you can draw too, which is indicated in the bar on the screen.

Happy Glass has 100 exciting and challenging levels to play and allows you to create unique paths and draw freely within the limitations. You simply need to drag the mouse button or swipe across the screen to draw a line.

Getting Started with Happy Glass

  • Download the game on your Android or iOS device.
  • You can play it instantly on your web browser.
  • Start playing.

Who Developed Happy Glass?

Happy Glass was developed by Lion Studios, well-known for their puzzle and addictive mobile video games.