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Idle Air Force Base 1.5.0 Mod APK

Download Idle Air Force Base MOD APK latest version and built a fantastic Air Force Base. You must employee tactical soldiers/pilots to help you in various conquests.


Additional Information of Idle Air Force Base Mod APK

Name: Idle Air Force Base
Version: 1.5.0
Size: 97.13 MB
Latest update: 06/06/2020
Offered by: Neon Play
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 5.0

Crucial Details about Idle Air Force Base

This is an idle military game that requires topnotch strategies to fight and conquer cities. You’ll be involved in fierce battles to expand your Air Force Base.


The game has superb graphics and excellent user interface. This way, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy every gaming moment. Experience its unique challenges and gather phenomenal rewards that’ll transform your gaming experience for the better.

Download Idle Air Force and have fun transforming an idle base into an active army base. Ensure that you regularly train soldiers and equip them with the necessary weapons to conquer your adversaries.

An Exciting Gameplay

This game has dynamic gameplay characterized by the following:

  • Intense Training Sessions. You’ll play the role of an Air Marshall tasked with train cadets into fully qualified pilots. Some of the skills that your soldiers should have include superb operation of ejector seats and G-Force gyroscopes. Additionally, they should be able to assemble bombs and operate parachutes optimally.
  • Exhilarating Battles. After completing the training, your soldiers will be required to unleash attacks on your opponents. They can use drones, airships, fighter jets, and warplanes. Just train your soldiers well, and you’ll surely win the battles!

  • Conquer Cities/ Countries. You’ll be required to engage in vigorous conquests to win over your opponents’ land. This will help you to expand your territory which will consequently accelerate your journey to becoming the Air Force Base Tycoon.
  • Engage in Adventurous Challenges. This game is highly adventurous! You’ll enjoy superb aerial views of your potential territory.

In all the activities you engage in, your primary intention will be to establish a formidable army that’ll help you earn treasures and expand your territory.

Unique Features of Idle Air Force Base

  • Superb 3D Graphics. Enjoy topnotch graphics that’ll certainly leave you mesmerized.
  • Many Weapons Available for Use. You can unlock many planes and weapons! Some of the powerful guns you can use include C-5 Galaxy, RQ-4 Global Hawk, F-35 Lightning II, F-16 Fighting Falcon, B-2 Spirit, A-10 Thunderbolt, and C-130 Hercules.
  • Enjoyable Gym Sessions. During your training sessions, you’ll be required to engage in gym exercises to keep fit. Additionally, you’ll learn other superb techniques including water survival, drone flights, pistol range, and aircraft maintenance.

  • Realistic Physics. What would you do in case of a crash? Well, this game allows you to observe realistic army activities. You’ll get a glimpse on what happens in actual battlefields.
  • Marshalling. You’ll have the power to control the planes that enter and exit the barracks. Additionally, you’ll get exceptional rappel tricks to help you get out of the plane while still airborne.

Idle Air Force Base Mod Apk Free Download

This modded version of the game comes with the following extraordinary features:

  • Many Sophisticated Weapons Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Money
  • Higher Gaming Levels Unlocked


If you love simulator games, then you should get the latest version of Idle Air Force Base. Train your soldiers all the necessary skills to conquer your opponents.

The original version on google play

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