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League of Legends
Author Riot Games, Inc
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Os 4.1
Updated 02-01-2020
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League of Legends took the most played “multiplayer online arena game” title from DOTA. While inherently following the same concept, the game succeeded in crossing the legendary game (DOTA) with its total number of active players. So, what made League of Legends so unique that it was able to take on industry leaders in the genre?

Well, it has to be Riot’s take on the game’s art-aesthetic. Compared to its counterpart DOTA’s dark and grimy art style, League of Legends offered players a fun-filled stylized battle arena that appealed to a wider audience.

While it was fairly simple at first, the game has over the years evolved and its graphics improved substantially.

Champion models are intricate and detailed. The animations fun and wacky. The entire gameplay smooth and fluent, even playable on systems with low specifications. The art-style is one of a kind and truly beautiful.

League of Legends also offered something for the casual players compared to DOTA. The game is easy to learn so more casual players are comfortable with it. However, Riot has also added a lot of depth to the game, courtesy of which is a very developed Esports presence. This provides the perfect opportunity for players who want to play the game competitively.

League of Legends is definitely a game for everyone.