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Mario Kart Tour 2.10.1 APK

Download Mario Kart Tour APK latest version and compete against other players worldwide. It allows you to race against 7 other players to earn rewards.


Additional Information of Mario Kart Tour APK

Name: Mario Kart Tour
Version: 2.10.1
Size: 134.86 MB
Latest update: 06/08/2020
Offered by: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.4

An In-Depth Analysis of Mario Kart Tour

This is a multiplayer game that allows you to engage in a phenomenal world tour! You’ll have the option to race against seven other players from all over the world.


It has superb 3D graphics and easy-to-use controls, which guarantee that you’ll get enough time to concentrate on the gameplay. You’ll enjoy adventurous races as you crisscross various areas with exceptional open-world features.

If you want to enjoy the thrill, you shouldn’t hesitate to download Mario Kart Tour for Android. This pocket version of the game allows you to enjoy the gameplay from your mobile device without a hassle.

How to Play the Game

This is a dynamic game with unique challenges that guarantee optimum enjoyment from the beginning to the end.


Your primary goal will be to get to various destinations around the world. Race with or against Mario and friends beat them and earn unique treasures that’ll help you to unlock better gaming features.

Other activities/features of the game include:

  • Mario Kart Tours the World. Mario and other favourite characters, including Bowser, will race around various courses inspired by real cities. The destination cities will keep rotating after every two weeks, which guarantees dynamism and fun. You’ll be required to race with them or compete against them.
  • Easily Control Your Character. The agility of your fingers will determine how fast you move! You should be quick to steer and drift to race fast while avoiding obstacles. Also, ensure that you master your manoeuvrability around sharp corners and tricky tracks.

  • Use Your Arsenals and Frenzy Mode to Become Champion. With this race, you’ll have access to superior items that help you activate the Frenzy Mode. Consequently, you’ll have an unlimited supply of helpful items and become invisible. However, this mode is only short-lived! As such, you should make the most out of it fast.
  • Earn Grand Stars. The game allows you to collect badges, drivers, and karts! The more challenges you complete, the more of these treasures you’ll get.
  • Rank Best on Online Leaderboards. When you participate in various races, ensure that you get the highest score possible. This way, you’ll get to the top of leaderboards and earn exceptional awards.

If you want to enjoy this game maximally, you should have a Nintendo Account.

Mario Kart Tour Apk Free Download

The version of the game has enhanced features that guarantee a better gaming experience. It has exceptionally simple controls and a friendly user interface.


If you love Mario Kart Tour, then you should download this latest version for enhanced features. You’ll get superb graphics and super cool sound systems, which guarantee optimal fun.

The original version on google play

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