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Author Mojang
Category Game
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Os 4.2
Updated 28-12-2019
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Minecraft is a just plain blocky fun. The game is simple and easy to get into and will provide you with tons of fun memories. It has a weird 8-bit art-style which from a third-person perspective looks ancient, however, once you start playing the game, the same art-style succeeds in captivating you.

Minecraft offers you the ability to fully test your creativity and build almost anything you could possibly want. As you venture through the procedurally generated island you discover new areas and resources, that you mine to craft items.

There are tons of resources scattered across the game and tons of item recipes that one could learn. This definitely keeps the game interesting. You would frequently find yourself spending hours on the game to find the much-needed resource to complete your blocky masterpiece.

It is a game about creation and creativity. The Minecraft universe is full of endless possibilities and the option to play the game together online makes it even more fun. There is a reason Minecraft has attained the cult following it has, the game is simply phenomenal.