Size: 88M
Release Date: 6/22/2022, 8:11:36 AM

Minecraft Classic is a free multiplayer game that allows you to play in a world you build for yourself.

The game is an online style  of the popular open-world building game and based on the initial Minecraft. In the sandbox game, players have thirty-two blocks to build their world in the creative mode.

Minecraft Classic has a multiplayer option that allows you to invite up to eight friends to join you on your server. Since Minecraft Classic is based on the original release, it lacks many new features but offers simple gameplay that anyone can access from their browser.

Playing the Classic Version

Minecraft Classic was initially named Minecraft Alpha and is the foremost development stage of the Minecraft game. Here are some features of the game:


  • Players only get 32 blocks for building, which limits their capabilities.
  • Sand blocks are uncommon and only appear in one block, so use them wisely.
  • There are no enemies or monsters, so you can stay out late.
  • Fullscreen mode is available on desktop.
  • Three world sizes with different block options.
  • Fog system available.

Since Minecraft Classic was released, the game has become very popular among players. Although you can't build a large cityscape in this game, you can make a castle with a moat and drawbridge.

The game was also pretty popular online, with lots of content on YouTube. This drew a lot of attention to the game. You can play Minecraft Classic on your web browser, Android, or iOS. There is no download or installation required.

Getting Started with Minecraft Classic

  • Open the online game.
  • Pick a username and select Start.
  • Start building.
  • Choose Controls and learn about the different controls.

Who Developed Minecraft Classic?

It is developed by Mojang and is playable on your browser. Mojang, the Swedish game developers, released the game as a special web version for their 10th anniversary. Mojang is also known for creating Cobalt and Scrolls.