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Poly Bridge 1.2.2 Mod APK

Download Poly Bridge to enjoy several hours of the interesting gameplay. Play all the campaign levels and unlock different achievements.


Additional Information of Poly Bridge Mod APK

Name: Poly Bridge
Version: 1.2.2
Size: 0 bytes
Latest update: 09/01/2020
Offered by: Dry Cactus Limited
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.0

Brain Behind the Game

Poly Bridge is a simple but classy simulation, and puzzle game that leaves one to wonder whose idea it was. Dry Cactus, which is an Indie Studio based in New Zealand, developed and published this game. However, the music in the game was composed by Andrian Talens.

This game utilizes a Unity engine, and it is available on different platforms. Poly Bridge can be accessed via Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Android, iOS, and macOS. However, the game was not released at the same time for each of these platforms.

Poly Bridge was released on July 12, 2016, for Microsoft Windows, and June 13, 2016, for iOS devices. It was then released for Nintendo Switch on December 14, 2017, and Android devices on March 15, 2018. This game is for you if you’ve always had a passion for engineering.

With this game, you can combine cables, steel, rope and wood to design and strengthen a bridge. You can also move the pieces of the bridge by using hydraulics. What makes this game interesting is the difficulty that is introduced by the availability of different building materials. Another amazing thing is the game’s sequel that was released on May 28. 2020, and called Poly Bridge 2.

It is important to note that this game can only be played in the single-player mode.


What Makes the Gameplay Interesting?

Poly Bridge is an addicting puzzle and simulation game that has so many unique features. This game has just one objective, and that’s to ensure smooth means of transport in the gaming world. Therefore, vehicles must be able to move over rivers, and this can only be achieved by constructing bridges.

Constructing bridges can only be done through the 2D mode. This mode will allow you to design a blueprint, as well as work materials made available.

What’s amazing about the game is the fact that it also offers a campaign mode. In this mode, there are different scenarios with different missions to complete. This helps in introducing different geographical features to the game.
It is important to note that there are over 60 different levels in this amazing game. Also, each of these levels has two major requirements. Firstly, the cost of the building should always be under budget. Secondly, the bridge must have an unmatched strength to be able to carry different vehicles.


Another amazing thing about the game is that it offers a sandbox mode for players to enjoy. In this mode, players can construct anything without restrictions. This is because players can set parameters for creation in this mode.
There are different types of vehicles in this game, including cranes, dump trucks, and motorcycles. It is important to note that the weight and body of these vehicles are not the same. Therefore, not every car will be able to drive steep slopes, especially long and heavy cars.

Poly Bridge also features different obstacles, like boats and jumps. The aim of this is for players to be creative and build a strong and reliable bridge while avoiding obstacles. It is worth noting that a constructed bridge must not collapse in the game.

There’s a GIF generator in this game, and this allows players to capture different moments as they play the game. Players can also share these moments online.


Tools to Help Players

Being an amazing game, it offers players with different tools, all of which can be used in modifying the bridge. These tools include:

Stress View

With this view, players can easily identify areas on the bridge that needs attention. Players will also be able to identify the weak spots on their bridge. This tool is backed with an indicator that will highlight red spots to show you the exact problematic area. Your duty is to reinforce this error to ensure that vehicles can conveniently pass through
It is important to note that the main objective is for vehicles to freely move about without restrictions.


This is the next tool that is offered by the game. Through this mode, you will be able to watch the vehicles as they pass through the bridge. A level is completed only when vehicles successfully pass through without collapsing.
It is important to note that the difficultly of each level only advances. Therefore, you would need to be extra creative as you progress in the game.

Camera Controls

You’ll enjoy this mode more when you play in the Simulation mode, especially when you look through different angles. With this camera mode, you’ll be able to easily spots areas of the bridge that needs improvement.

Arc Tool

This is one of the most important and most useful tools. Every player should use this tool often. The Arc tool helps in simplifying the process of joint placing, and arc tracing for players. With this, you’ll not have to go through long processes gain.


All you have to do is to trace the lines and ensure that they are in place. The joints will be automatically snapped unto the curve.

The tools and gameplay are not the only amazing things about this game. There are several other interesting things about the game. Poly Bridge currently has over 100,000 installations on Play Store alone.


Where to Get the Game

The fact that Poly Bridge is both amazing and one of the best puzzle games you’d play cannot be overemphasized.

You can visit the following sites if you want to download the game on your device:


Download Poly Bridge now and start playing to unleash your engineering skills. Constructs durable bridge that will carry different types of cars. Unlock secret worlds, and complete all the achievements in the game.