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Pou 1.4.84 Mod APK

Download Pou MOD APK latest version and take exceptional care of your alien pet. You’ll have the power to customize your Pou and make it happy!


Additional Information of Pou Mod APK

Name: Pou
Version: 1.4.84
Size: 22.44 MB
Latest update: 06/10/2020
Offered by: Zakeh
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.0

Everything You Need to Know about Pou

This is a casual game that requires you to take care of an alien pet. You must ensure that your Pou remains happy all the time.


The game has simple graphics to ensure that you enjoy its unique features with unmatched clarity. You will also enjoy phenomenal sound systems punctuated with realistic voices on various activities characterizing the game.

If you love pets, then you should download Pou for android. Take care of Pou at the comfort of your couch through your mobile device.

An Engaging Gameplay

This game has straightforward gameplay with simple controls and superbly easy-to-navigate user interface. When you join this game, your primary goal will be to adopt an alien pet and ensure that you meet all its needs at all time.


Some of the activities that you’ll engage in include cleaning it, feeding it, and playing with it. You can do anything that’ll make your pet happy!

If you manage to keep your pet jovial at all time, it’ll grow fast. This way, you can be sure to enjoy even more fascinating features of the gameplay fast.

Unique Features of the Gameplay

  • Level Up. As you continue with the gameplay, you’ll have access to numerous awards. Ensure that you use these treasures to level up and access better gaming features.
  • Unlock Diverse Wallpapers. This game has multiple wallpapers that you can use to personalize your gameplay.

  • Numerous Outfits. To ensure that your pet is happy, you should purchase different outfits with unique features. Customize Pou the best you can to keep you thrilled.
  • Collect Coins. During the gameplay, you’ll have the opportunity to collect many treasures. Never miss a chance to gain useful resources.
  • Different Sections. This game has different sections including bathroom, kitchen, lounge, and lab. You should ensure that you move the pet to each section as you bath it and feed it. Additionally, you’ll experiment with various potions at the lab.

  • Superb Customization Options. This game allows you to customize Pou. You can unlock new eyeglasses, hats, and many other outfits.
  • Visit and Play with Friends. The game allows virtual interactions with friends. Even better, you can talk to Pou and listen back!

Pou Mod Apk Free Download

If you want more features to enable you to make Pou happier, then you should download the latest modded version of Pou.


This enhanced gameplay has better controls and other extraordinary features including:

  • Unlimited Coins. Unlock baby or adult version of your Pou to get more gaming options.
  • No Ads. You’ll be guaranteed of uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Unlimited Items. Make your pet happy with numerous items for entertainment and other special activities.


If you love casual games, then you should get Pou. The game has simple graphics that offer a relaxed gaming environment.

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