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Download Sonic at the Olympic Games Apk latest version and join Sonic to explore Tokyo. The game is highly adventurous and has diverse challenges for your enjoyment.


Additional Information of SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES APK

Version: 10.0.1
Size: 52.32 MB
Latest update: 05/23/2020
Offered by: SEGA
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.4

Everything You Need to Know about Sonic At the Olympic Games

Do you love the Olympic Games? If yes, then you should download Sonic at the Olympic Games for Android and enjoy an enhanced Olympic Games experience.

This application circumvents all the challenges that the world is going through today; thus allowing the planned 2020 Olympics simulation through your Android phone.


In the game, you’ll be required to join Sonic and other friends and move to Tokyo—the venue for the Olympic Games. When you get to the city, you’ll be met by the evil Dr Eggman who’s determined to wreak havoc across the region.

As such, you must strain to save the city, engage in the Olympic Games, and challenge sonic bosses to win amazing prizes.

Why Sonic at the Olympic Games is Unique

This application provides a realistic gaming environment, thus ensuring that you enjoy every minute of your gameplay.

It has extraordinary characters from the franchise and many other outstanding sports features. Even better, it utilizes superb 3D graphics and realistic sounds to ensure that you get the actual environment of the Olympic Games.


It has simple controls that’ll help you to participate in many events without a hassle. Ensure that you win many medals to help you unlock other highly engaging activities.

How it Works

First, you’ll have to download the Android version of the application from Google Store, App Store, or any other reliable source.

Once you have it in your phone, you should install it, access the user interface, and launch it to obtain its unique features.

The UI is pretty easy to navigate! Choose ideal events and participate. Also, ensure that you solve every puzzle to unlock more exciting gaming features.


Even more impressive, the game allows you to challenge your friends from all over the world. Always aim at proving that you have what it takes to become the Olympic champion. Reach the top of the leaderboard and become the hero of the game!

Some of the games you can join include Badminton, Sport Climbing, Archery, 100m, Javelin, Fencing, 400m Hurdles, Long Jump, Trampoline, BMX, Table Tennis, Karate, Hammer Throw, and Diving.

Sonic At the Olympic Games Apk Free Download

This version will give you more gaming options, thus ensuring that you have more fun. You’ll be able to explore more expansive Tokyo while you engage in major Olympic competitions.


Download Sonic at the Olympic and enjoy a fulfilling Olympic experience at the comfort of your home. It has super easy controls that’ll make exploring Tokyo a breeze.

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