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Tabou Stories: Love Episodes 1.14 Mod APK (Outfits Unlocked)

Download Tabou Stories Love Episodes Mod Apk latest version and engage in romantic episodes. Each of your decisions will affect your ending directly!


Additional Information of Tabou Stories: Love Episodes Mod APK

Name: Tabou Stories: Love Episodes
Version: 1.14
Size: 134.22 MB
Latest update: 06/11/2020
Offered by:
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.1
MOD: Outfits Unlocked

Crucial Details about Tabou Stories Love Episodes

If you’re a fan of TV episodes, then download Tabou Stories Love Episodes for Android. You’ll get a chance to act as the main character in your chapter of choice.


Every decision that you make will affect the outcome of your story. As such, you should dress appropriately, behave your best, and make relevant decisions to shape your destiny.

Unique Features of Tabou Stories Love Episodes

  • Numerous Avatar Customization Options. The platform allows you to modify your avatar for guaranteed personalization—you’ll choose a character that represents your interests and desires. More interestingly, you’ll wear your best outfit from the available choices.
  • Highly Interactive Stories. Tabou Stories features a large number of stories in different categories, including sensual, erotic, LGBT friendly, drama, and romance stories. Even better, the stories are classified into chapters for ease of access.

  • Establish Relationships. This unique platform allows you to interact with other characters in the erotic stories. You can become lovers, friends, or enemies with these characters.
  • Be the Master of Your Destiny. All the choices that you make will directly affect the ending of your story. As such, you must always be careful to ensure that everything that you do will lead to a better destiny.

An assortment of Unique Tabou Stories Love Episodes

  • Lessons in Lust. This allows you to either become a master seductress or a sultry goddess. It all starts after you become desperate due to the loss of a job. You need help from your classmate, who is beautiful and wealthy. He agrees to help but with a condition—you must seduce and destroy his rival. Will you be able to master the art of seduction and earn the much-needed help?
  • Bodyguard. In this episode, you’ll fall in love with your saviour! Unfortunately, you’re already married! Make appropriate choices to ensure that you have a happy ending.
  • The Auction. In this chapter, you’ll have the chance to establish a relationship with a billionaire. He’s willing to spend large amounts of money so long as you can wear sexy outfits and meet his desires.

  • Matchmaker. In this chapter, you’ll flirt with high-end celebrities. Ensure that you attend famous events to interact with actors, singers, and models. Choose what you want in each episode to ensure a happy ending.
  • Billionaires Darling. You’re a regular girl who accidentally meets Henry Lockwood—a seasoned billionaire! He offers that you become his fake girlfriend. Will you cope with his complex nature?
  • Bad Billionaire. This episode allows you to pretend that you’re your wife’s boss. Make unique decisions to propagate the relationship.

Tabou Stories Love Episodes Mod Apk Free Download

If you want to get more fun with the Tabou Stories Love Episodes, you should get its modified version (MOD). It has extraordinary graphics and colour contrast to keep you hooked throughout the episodes.


Additionally, the MOD version has more stories and better customization options to enable you to get a highly personalized experience.

Mod features:

  • Outfits Unlocked


Download the latest version of Tabou Stories Love Episodes and engage in romantic/love stories of your choice. Make crucial decisions that’ll determine your destiny.

The original version on google play

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