Talking Tom Cat 2

Size: 88M
Release Date: 6/22/2022, 9:28:22 AM

The world's most popular cat is here and better! Talking Tom 2 has recorded over a billion downloads on all platforms and is ideal for all ages.

Talking Tom Cat 2 is a simulation game involving taking care of a cat, keeping him happy, and playing games to earn money from the in-game games. Tom say your words back to you and will react when you tap him. You can also move him around, nurse him to health, and enjoy games with him.

This sequel includes Tom's neighbor, Ben, who is around to play games with him. As you play Talking Tom 2, you can unlock other pets that will give Tom company.


Playing Talking Tom Cat 2

There are many things to do when playing Talking Tom 2, as you have to take care of him and other pets as you unlock them. You also have to keep the pet happy. The game sends you notifications whenever you forget to feed the cat or put him to sleep. Here are some points in the game:

  • The smiley meter shows Tom's mood, and you can improve it by playing with him,
  • The game includes a kitchen for Tom's food. You can buy food with coins or by watching videos.
  • You need to flush the toilet whenever Tom is done.
  • Whenever Tom is tired, you have to put him to sleep to refill his energy.
  • You need to bathe and groom Tom.
  • Play mini-games to get tokens used to buy food and more.

Tom grows every five levels and gives you up to 1500 flight tokens.

Getting Started with Talking Tom Cat 2

  • Download Talking Tom Cat 2 on your Android or iOS device.
  • Name your cat.
  • Start grooming your pet.

Who Developed Talking Tom Cat 2?

Talking Tom Cat 2 was developed by Outfit7. The developers are known for the Talking Animals series, including Angela and Hank.