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Tap Tap Breaking 1.77 APK

Play an exciting casual game, breaking objects, and finally, the whole world. Set a new personal record by downloading Tap Tap Breaking Apk. The game helps you relax and calm down.


Additional Information of Tap Tap Breaking APK

Name: Tap Tap Breaking
Version: 1.77
Size: 50.12 MB
Latest update: 05/20/2020
Offered by: ODAAT studio
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.1

Tap Tap Breaking Review

Playing the game will leave you perplexed at how a simple game can help you relaxed and happy. You assume the role of a person who derives fun breaking everything hence its name. You start from small rolls of breaking board, bricks, and you finally access skulls and finally crushing the universe. How cool is that?

Getting addicted to the game is simple as you will always want to rise to the next level, and before you know it, you are hooked. Besides, passing from one level to another earns you some money, and you can use it for upgrades and showcase your stunning abilities. You will always see a box in which the needed number of strength points is indicated, and you have to break your through the destruction.


Graphics are stunning but simple enough to keep you playing and avoid any distractions. Besides, navigating your way through the game is quite straightforward. You will be amazed by the clear sound play as its precise and in rhythm with the gameplay. Hence if you have lots of free time and you want to enjoy some cool game, here is what you should get.


The gameplay is marked by breaking every object you are tasked to smash. Destruction is the second name of the game as you proceed to the next level by simply smashing bricks and any other object. You do not have a specific formula or steps to follow for you to break your objects with ease. However, as you get playing, you learn a personalized way of getting your work done every time you are called upon to break. New levels come with new challenges, and you have to make your hand invincible and powerful.


  • Progressive breaking – you start breaking small stuff and proceed to hugged and larger objects.
  • Stunning graphics to marvel you

  • Creative sounds to accompany the thrilling gameplay
  • Great Storyline, where you are required to perform the same tasks to different planets.

Download Tap Tap Breaking Apk Latest Version

Playing the game will open you up to lots of fun as you strive to get to the next level. However, you learn some limitations that come with the game as you cannot make fast progress due to limited resources. Hence you need the version to unlock its full potential.



Finally, Download Tap Tap Breaking for Android, and you will have unlimited fun as you take on the smashing challenges. Besides, you experienced optimized gameplay and thrilling fun every time you log in to play.

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