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Ultraman: Legend of Heroes 1.3.0 APK

Download Ultraman Legend of Heroes Apk to enjoy a thrilling gameplay, featuring a popular TV series of the 90s. Stop the evil forces from accomplishing their plans and save the universe.


Additional Information of Ultraman: Legend of Heroes APK

Name: Ultraman: Legend of Heroes
Version: 1.3.0
Size: 41.24 MB
Latest update: 05/16/2020
Offered by: JoyMore GAME
Price: Free
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.1

What is Ultraman?

Ultraman is derived from a popular Japanese TV franchise dating back in the 1960, also branded as the Ultra series. With years of history, it features many diverse characters, settings, and opponents. Ultramen are a special breed of beings similar to humans, but superior technological abilities. This is visible from their armour and movement prowess as they can breathe fire from their vizors.


Ultraman Legend of Heroes Description

The fun-filled action game follows an official canon, such as voice acting and character skills and models. Hundreds of classic characters and stories feature the contest making it enjoyable to play and anticipate your next level. Monsters such as Zogu, Zetton, and Golza are some of the most potent opponents you will encounter. Besides, Ultraman Green, Tiga X, Dyna, Legend, Belial, Cosmos, and Nexus are some of the standard characters. Each of the mentioned character is designed to play perfectly just as they feature in the game. You get to experience the joy of the original series uniquely as you can control what is happening.



Each of the above characters perform differently in combat, and you may compare the gameplay to Marvel Future Fight. With each character offering a set of unique skills, moves, and a backstory as they interact, you are assured of enjoying the unfolding of the game. Since the game is relatively new as it’s first release was in early 2020, expect lots of updates.

Best Features

If you have watched the original series on which the game is founded, then you know the world is a complex system with multiple characters and storylines. However, if you have not watched the series, you do not have to worry, as you will follow the simple gaming rules and know what is expected.


Nonetheless, the numerous characters and unending drama are some of the key features in the game. Stunning graphics make everything neat and great to watch. Besides, the unlimited moves offer more thrill as you think through on your next action. You are not limited to knocking one opponent down but can switch characters and build a formidable team.

Download Ultraman Legend of Heroes Apk Latest Version

Experiencing the thrill of having unlimited access to resources and characters is mind-blowing. However, downloading the latest version of the game offer you precisely that, infinite levels, styles and supplies.



Make magical choices with Download Ultraman Legend of Heroes for Android and build the most reliable team. Besides, invite your friends for action-filled fun!

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