Size: 88M
Release Date: 6/23/2022, 9:33:45 AM

X-Parkour is an engaging and passionate parkour game!

Players must do whatever it takes to survive as they run through obstacles and challenges, whether it's running, sliding, or jumping. The game is based on a super stickman runner, and you're in control of this stickman.

The goal of the game is to run as fast as you can and stay away from the challenges and obstacles. It features a simple and quirky theme that fits the style and is easy to play for all age groups. If you're looking for a fun way to experience parkour, your stickman can help you with this.


Playing X-Parkour

X-Parkour is a fun running arcade game that requires you to survive as you go through the different obstacles. Whether you're jumping over, sliding under, or simply running as fast as you can, the game comes with dynamic gameplay and fun music. Here are some points to keep in mind when playing:

  • As you run, do your best to collect the coins.
  • Your score depends on how fast you can finish a level before time runs out.
  • How many times you die will also influence your score.
  • You can use the different items on your screen, like rockets or bikes, to get past specific places.
  • You only need the arrow buttons on your desktop device to control the game.

Once you get to the finish line, you can win amazing coins and take yourself to the next level.

Getting Started with X-Parkour

  • Open X-Parkour and click on play.
  • Start playing immediately.

Who Developed X-Parkour?

X-Parkour was developed by Vigoo Games, known for offering a wide range of instant games that you can automatically enjoy from your browser.